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In ancient Greek architecture, the Tholos was a circular building with a conical or vaulted roof. Found in every Greek city, these structures served as senate buildings where politicians would meet to wine, dine, and discuss relevant matters. An example of this archetype which originated more than 8,000 km away can now be found in the Village at Blue Mountain.

Our restaurant offers a truly unique and exciting atmosphere for patrons in search of a more authentic experience. The romance of ancient Greece can be felt the moment one enters the room.

A re-creation of a two-storey courtyard setting that lies between ancient Corinthian ruins encompasses our three intimate dining rooms. While dining in the candlelit beauty of your surroundings, our Greek music floods the courtyard with sounds of the Mediterranean.  Add in the ouzo, flambéed saganaki cheese at your table and the occasional belly dancer and you have a dining experience that’s everything but passive and typical.

Aesthetics and atmosphere aside, our extensive Greek wine and food menu which has been created from family recipes, will give you a genuine Mediterranean dining experience that won’t soon be forgotten.

Come and enjoy all that Greece has to offer where no passport is required!